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Please Read Before Posting

To gain the most learning value from your posts, here are some suggestions from my own experiences as a student.

Helpful Tips

  • Begin the subject of new posts with Page Number and Exercise Number (e.g. pg. 999 #333)
  • Use the Search feature to see if your question is already being addressed
  • Avoid posting new threads on the same topic. Reply to the existing thread instead.

What should I post?

  • Questions about how to start a specific problem
  • Questions about specific steps in a problem where you are stuck
  • Questions about underlying concepts in a problem
  • "Aha" moments you encountered in a problem that can benefit others
  • Suggestions about how to start a difficult problem
  • What helped you understand a problem better so you were able to solve it yourself

What should I avoid posting?

  • Complete solutions to a problem. This short-circuits the brains normal problem solving process for others and reduces learning significantly.
  • Random opinions or guesses about how to complete a problem. If no one knows how to do it, Mr. H will respond.

These are not rules so much as helpful guidelines. 

Mr. H

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pg 999 #23 (Sample Post)

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Helland, Tim
I'm really stuck on how to start pg 999 #23. The biggest problem I am having is when I turn to that page the problem is invisible. Has anyone figured out how to start this problem?
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1 reply
Helland, Tim