This course will explore the many facets of 3D design and animation including meshes, materials, lighting, and simulation.

Students will use their existing HTML and CSS skills to create pages and websites with greater focus on interactivity and professional design.  This includes an introduction to Javascript and basic web server management.  Students will also have the opportunity to mentor peers who are new to HTML and CSS.

Video games have become a huge industry both in the United States and around the world. In this course, we will use the Stencyl game engine.  Stencyl makes the programming aspect of game design a lot easier to learn without sacrificing the ability to create fun and engaging 2D games.

Explore the fundamentals of building, coding, and testing a robot using the VEX EDR system. In this course, you will learn to control a robot in a virtual world and then build physical robots that complete a variety of tasks. 

This course will improve your algebraic fluency, develop useful problem solving strategies, and model real world situations mathematically.

Students will explore modern web page design using HTML and CSS.  They will use images, backgrounds, colors, fonts, and other styles to create visually interesting pages and simple websites.